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Avicennia marina mangroves of Ramanathapuram district

Bruguiera cylindrica tree at Pondicherry

Crabs play a vital role as bioturbators in mangroves

Mangrove trees adapt themselves to harsh environments

Mangroves & pneumetaphores are home to molluscans

Mangroves are home to a variety of arachnids

Mangroves of Pichavaram, Tamil Nadu

Mangroves of Ramanathapuram district, TN

Rhizophora sp. seen at Pondicherry

Spiders build nests in mangroves

Mangroves provide ideal environments for birds to build nests

Mangroves serve as a major bird habitats providing them with food and protection

Stunted growth of Avicennia sp. in highly saline conditions at Ramanathapuram, TN

Stunted growth of Avicennia sp. seen at Parangipettai, TN










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