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Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management (ICMAM) programme (Summary)

The studies relating to ICMAM is being carried out for the first time in the country, initially capacity building activities were undertaken with funding from the International Development Association (IDA). Pilot projects, that were undertaken in this regard, include GIS based information system for 11 critical habitats, Determination of Waste Assimilation Capacity for pollutants, Development of EIA guidelines for coastal activities and Development of Model ICMAM Plans for Chennai, Goa and Gulf of Kachchh. These projects completed in June 2003, resulted in attainment of expertise in the areas of Remote Sensing and GIS for coastal habitat management, demonstration of use of mathematical modelling in determining Waste Assimilation Capacity (WAC), coastal erosion and accretion and Development of EIA Guidelines to address the inter-sectoral impact in ports and harbours, waste disposal and tourism sectors. R & D projects on Zonation of coastal waters and Determination of No Impact Zone for developmental activities that helped in demonstrating the use of GIS and mathematical modelling in habitat management were also completed during this period.

To facilitate the continuous updation of knowledge on application of the above scientific tools and techniques, the Ministry of Earth Sciences is continuing the ICMAM Programme with its own funding and have developed long term programmes on Shoreline Management, Management of tidal inlets, Ecosystem Modelling and Marine Ecotoxicology. Shoreline management plans for Ennore (TN), Kayankulam (Kerala) Ullal-Mangalore (Karnataka) and Vellar Estuary (TN) suggesting scientific solutions to solve the problems of erosion along the coast and siltation at river mouths. It has determined safe limits in seawater for chemicals such as copper, mercury and cadmium using most modern experimental techniques. It has built extensive infrastructure and other facilities to carryout the above projects. Training programmes on application of the above tools in Coastal zone Management etc. are being conducted regularly for the Coastal State Governments and R & D institutions as a part of the exercise to impart the knowledge gained to the users for adoption of ICMAM in the country.

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More Plans


    Coastal problems such as pollution, erosion and conflicting use of coastal land have been analysed and provided integrated management solutions.

    Using mathematical modelling and GIS tools, ICMAM model plans for Chennai, Goa and Gulf of Kutch have been prepared.

    Gulf of Kachchh

    ICMAM model plans for Chennai, Gulf of Kachchh and Goa.
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