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Dr.M.V.Ramana Murthy

Scientist G & Director


Tel:+91 44 66783586

Dr.M.V.Ramana Murthy, Scientist G & Director, NCCR, Specialized in Offshore and Coastal Hydrodynamics, Wave Structure Interaction, Modelling of (Coastal Processes, Tsunami, Storm Surge, Urban Flooding), Port and Harbour Structures and Marine Spatial Planning . Also looks after the programmes of Ocean Structures/ Island Desalination, and Coastal and Environmental Engineering at National Institute of Ocean Technology. Worked in Vishakapatnam Port Trust and Engineers India Ltd (EIL) in various position in Planning, Design and Execution of developmental projects. View Profile


Scientist G


Tel:+91 44 66783589

Dr.R.S.Kankara Scientist G, Specialised in mathematical modelling and GIS applications for coastal/nearshore hydrodynamics, sediment transport, coastal vulnerability assessment (tsunami, Storm Surges, Oil Spill, Erosion etc) and preparation of Integrated Coastal Zone/ Shoreline/ Oil Spill Management Plans. He joined in Government service as Research Assistant during March 1993 and presently head of Coastal Processes & Shoreline Management related activities of NCCR.View Profile

Dr.Tune Usha

Scientist G


Tel:+91 44 66783587

Dr.Tune Usha, Scientist G & Group Head of Coastal Hazards and Training and Capacity building Groups, specialized in development of Geospatial tools, techniques and applications related to Coastal hazards (Tsunami, Urban Flooding, Storm Surges) Coastal vulnerability, resources mapping, Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans and Geospatial applications trainer for the past two decadesView Profile


Scientist F


Tel:+91 44 66783588

Dr. T. Shunmugaraj, Scientist-F, Group head and project coordinator of Coastal Resource Assessment and Management (CRAM). He leads the team and provides strategic advices related to this project. He has extensive research experience over 30 years on specialization of marine ecology (coral reef monitoring, restoration and assessment of marine biodiversity status) and mariculture (hatchery production of crustaceans, molluscans, echinoderms and marine ornamental fishes).View Profile

Dr.V.Ranga Rao

Scientist F


Tel:+91 44 66783598

Dr.V.Ranga Rao, Scientist F, Specialised in coastal and esturine dynamics particularly in tidal propagation, salinity intrusion, circulation & mixing, flusing & dispersion in semi enclosed coastal bodies like bays, river estuaries, inlets, etc.View Profile

Dr.K. Venkatarama Sharma

Scientist F


Tel:+91 44 66783590

Dr.K. Venkatarama Sharma, Scientist F specialised in Microbiology, Strategic Management (Blue Economy), Science Diplomacy, Social Media Tools, Audit Exercise and currently heading Marine Ecotoxicology and Ecological Risk Assessment - related activities of NCCR.View Profile

Dr.Pravakar Mishra

Scientist F


Tel:+91 44 66783591

Dr.Pravakar Mishra, Scientist F, Specialized in coastal processes and shoreline management studies is coordinating the "Prediction of coastal water quality" and "Marine Litters and Microplastics " program. He has obtained his Masters degree in Oceanography from Berhampur University, Odisha and Doctorate from Ocean Research Institute (ORI), The University of Tokyo, Japan. He has a few research publications related to coastal process, coastal pollution, hazards, and coastal zone Management.View Profile

Dr.Uma Sankar Panda

Scientist E


Tel:+91 44 66783592

Dr. Uma Sankar Panda, Scientist E is a physical oceanographer specialised in numerical modelling of biogeochemical interactions and dispersion of pollutants in coastal ecosystems, sediment transport and waves dynamics studies.View Profile

Dr.Sisir Kumar Dash

Scientist E


Tel:+91 44 66787033

Dr.Sisir Kumar Dash, Scientist E, Specialised in optical oceanography, ocean remote sensing, bio optical algorithm development and carbon fixation studies. Remote Sensing application to coastal studies like sediment transport, coastal erosion, coastal fisheries, etc.View Profile

Dr. K. Ramu

Scientist E


Tel:+ 91 44 66787410

Dr. K. Ramu, Scientist E is working with an interdisciplinary program on “Ecosystem Based Services - An Approach for the Management of Coastal Areas". His research interests are biogeochemical processes in the coastal waters, organic pollutants, marine litter and fisheries.View Profile

Dr.Sivaji Patra

Scientist E


Tel:+91 44 66787500

Dr.Sivaji Patra, Scientist E, Specialised in Biogeochemical studies of aquatic environment using C, N, H and O isotopes for understanding the ecosystem and nutrient dynamics.View Profile

Dr. Anitha Gera

Scientist E


Tel:+91 44 66787803

Dr. Anitha Gera, Scientist E, works with the interdisciplinary program on “Ecosystem Based Services - An Approach for the Management of Coastal Areas". Her research interests include numerical modelling, coupled physio-bio-geo- chemical- ecosystem modelling and process studies of the ocean and its interaction with other components of the earth system. View Profile


Scientist D


Tel:+91 44 66783597

Mr.V.Ramanathan, Scientist D, Specialised in System Administration in Microsoft, Linux and Unix platforms; Database Administration for Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server and MS Access; Network Administration for LAN, WAN and Wireless Services; Application Development, Web Design & Development and Technical Troubleshooting of Hardware and Software; Image Processing and GIS.View Profile


Scientist D


Tel:+91 44 66787051

Dr.S.R.Marigoudar Scientist D, Marine Biologist-Specialized in Marine Ecotoxicology & Ecological Risk Assessment - Identification of damage and risk to marine biota & ecosystem by environmental contaminants.View Profile

Mr.Satya Kiran Raju Alluri

Scientist D


Tel:+91 44 6678

Mr. Satya Kiran Raju Alluri, Scientist D, specializes in coastal data collection and analysis, numerical modelling of coastal processes, urban flood modelling, preparation of novel and sustainable shoreline management plans, coastal morphodynamic evolution, detailed design of offshore and coastal structures with implementation strategies and post monitoring. He has worked in National Institute of Ocean Technology and TATA Consulting Engineers in various positions in Planning, Design and Execution of coastal and marine projects.View Profile

Dr.Sanitha K Sivadas

Scientist D


Tel:+91 44 6678

Dr. Sanitha K Sivadas , Scientist D, Primary research area is centred on marine benthic ecology from intertidal to deep sea habitat. Current research includes macrofauna-ecosystem functioning relationship, applications of macrofauna as indicator of marine ecosystem health and, marine litter and micro plastics. Other research involves studies regarding the biogeography pattern of macrobenthos and preparing benthic species inventory.View Profile

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Sahoo

Scientist D


Tel:+91 44 6678

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Sahoo, Scientist D, works with oceanographic aspects of coastal and wetland systems. His research area of interest is observation and analysis of met-oceanographic parameters, numerical modelling of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, sediment transport, coastal geomorphology & sedimentology and stability of tidal inlets.View Profile

Team's Capabilities:

  • Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management and development of related plans (expertise under development) for various coastal activities and coast related activities.
  • Hydrodynamics and coastal Process Modelling,
  • Coastal Hazards( Erosion, Oil Spill, Storms, tsunami) Modelling and Mapping
  • Coastal and Marine remote sensing,
  • Application of GIS for assessment of status of coastal critical habitats,
  • Marine pollution monitoring, including eco-toxicology studies and trace metal analysis.
  • Marine resource management and Coastal Engineering.
  • EIA supported Environment Management Plans.
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Capacity building on the above subjects.