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Risk Assessment - Team

S.No Name Designation Specialization E-mail
1 Mr. K. Venkatarama Sharma Scientist F & Group Head Microbiology   venkat[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Dr.S.R.Marigoudar Scientist D Marine biology - Ecotoxicology srmarigoudar[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Dr. P. Karthikeyan Project Scientist C Marine biology – Plankton biology and toxicology karthi[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Dr. A. Nagarjuna Project Scientist C Zoology – Histopathology and Biochemistry nagarjuna[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Dr. P. Raja Project Scientist B Coastal Aquaculture – Ornamental fishes, Plankton ecology raja[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in

Mr. M. Savurirajan

Project Scientist B Marine biology- Benthic ecology & Sea grass ecosystem savurirajan[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Mr.Barath Kumar Project Scientist B Marine Biotechnology- Ecotoxicology barath[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Ms. M. Kunguma Kannika Ph.D - Research Scholar Triclosan impact on marine organisms  
9 Mr. V. Satheeshkumar Field Assistant Assisting in laboratory & field activities satheesh288[at]gmail[dot]com
10 Mr. Pasala Munimohan Field Assistant Assisting in laboratory & field activities pmunimohan[at]gmail[dot]com