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Coastal Resource Assessment Activities

Establishment of NCCR Field Research Centre at Gulf of Mannar

Coral Reef Monitoring -Health Status

NCCR started extensive underwater surveys to investigate the present health status of Coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar. Reef monitoring has been completed in the Mandapam group Islands, and further surveys are ongoing in other Islands of Gulf of Mannar to compare the reef health status from the year of 2000.



Coral Reef Restoration

Restoration of coral reef activities were initiated to increase the live coral cover in and around Islands of Gulf of Mannar and also to study the impact of sedimentation and epiphytic flora & fauna on live corals.


Capacity Building

Underwater training programs were conducted on coral reef monitoring & restoration activities for the officials of Wild Life Division (Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park Authority) for effective management and conservation of coral reef habitats in Gulf of Mannar Islands.