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Coastal Processes & Shoreline Management

Coastal Processes

  • Carried out shoreline change (long-term and short-term) analysis for Indian coast using 9 different data sets for the period of 26 years (1990-2016).
  • Digital version of shoreline change maps for Indian coast  in 1:25,000 scale is released.



  • Carried out coastal processes studies at many coastal sectors along the Indian coast through extensive fieldwork and numerical modelling.
  • Developed shoreline management plan (SMP) for selected location along Kerala coast (Panathura, Muthalapozhi, Vatanapally & Calicut), Karnataka coast (Netravati to Gurpur), Goa coast (Mandovi estuary), Maharashtra coast (Vengurla embayed beach) and Tamil Nadu coast (Mahabalipuram to Pulicat).
  • Implemented two pilot groins at Panathura, by Kerala state government as part of suggestion given by NCCR by a project "Evaluation of structural and functional effectiveness of existing coastal protection structures along the Kerala coast". Beach developed in between groins and south side of groins due to this pilot groins.
  • NCCR recommended offshore reef construction at Ullal, Karnataka for arresting erosion and construction work is in progress.
  • Prepared tsunami inundation models for Indian coast to assess the extent of likely inundation due to various tsunamgenic sources of Indian Ocean.
  • Developed integrated mathematical model for Gulf of Kachchh for disposal of dredged spills by ports, so that transportation of silt and their deposition on coral reef areas can be avoided.
  • Developed Storm surge inundation models stimulated with past cyclones along the east coast of India.
  •  A status report of "Coastal erosion along Indian coast" prepared by NCCR in year 2009. The report was used to take a Policy decision by Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi  on moratorium of port development & New Port Policy vide O.B.  No.15-3/2009-IA-III dated 3rd Nov 2009.